Late Show with David Letterman | My 10 Favorite Musical Guests

I don’t often watch late night talk shows these day, but when I did I usually tuned in for the musical guests. Now, this list is by no means comprehensive. I obviously haven’t watched the over 4000 episodes David hosted, so this is a list of the performances that I watched and that I can recall either actually made me WANT to go out and buy the band’s album or impressed the hell out of me.

In no particular order, here we go:

1. When Bob Dylan makes a televised appearance, you put it on the list.

2. Saw this Future Islands performance, bought their album and have seen them perform live 4 times.

3. I hadn’t heard of the The Heavy before I saw this performance. Their album, The Glorious Dead, was one of my favorites that I bought that year. Soooo good. They are great live too.

4. The Strokes were off my radar until I saw/heard them perform “Someday” on Letterman.

5. I bought Janelle Monae’s album after I saw this performance.

6. Paul McCartney performing 6 songs from the top of the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater? Awesome.

7. The Foo Fighters kick ass. Playing Dave’s favorite song on his first show back from quintuple bypass surgery? Awesome The shot out to Paul Shaffer playing keys during the song? Awesomer.

8. I fell in love with the White Stripes when I saw them perform “Fell In Love With A Girl” on Letterman.

9. Honestly, I was in college, and I had no idea who Radiohead were until I saw them on Letterman. I bought OK Computer the next day.

10. I was up late in high school, probably working on a paper or something, multitasking … watching the Late Show when this came on.  I saved up a few dollars to by the album at the local Warehouse. Remember those? lol.


Thank you, David.


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One thought on “Late Show with David Letterman | My 10 Favorite Musical Guests

  1. Great selection.The Heavy amazes me. What a good sound. Thet seem Blues Brothers “cousins”
    Musical radios in Spain ane interested about the en of Letterman show. They talk about the guests an his music.


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