Thanks for checking out my music blog! My name is Derrick, by the way. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

If you’ve landed on this site, odds are you and I share some kind of interest in music. You probably clicked through a link on Twitter or Facebook …. or Instagram …… or Google+ ……… or whatever, and came to check out some pictures I snapped, or an entry I typed up. For that, thanks! It’s always nice to know that someone else out there is interested in the music that’s currently turning me on.

Who am I? I’m a middle aged man who loves music. I work in the music industry, and … Nope, I’m not a musician … I’m a paper pusher. I’m a music attorney (I can sense the groaning undulating from your belly). When I’m not trying to negotiate deal terms, or revise language in an agreement to make everybody happy, I like to explore music. I like to find new music that gets my juices flowing, because, personally, music keeps me young and makes me love life.

I go to A LOT of concerts throughout the year. I go to arena shows, and I go to club venues. I go with groups of people, and I roll solo. For me, there’s nothing more exhilarating than watching a musician … a good musician … perform live. Being in a moment, when you really don’t know what they’re going to do, or how they’re going to interpret their own music, gets me excited. I was a musician in college, so I’d like to think I know a bit about music. So when something is good … I’m pretty sure I’m right. At least … I think I’m write.

I used to create Facebook photo albums with pictures I snapped at concerts, but sometime last year I figured that I may as well start a blog to try sharing what I’ve been listening to with a larger audience. With a little bit of persistence  and networks, I’ve been able to get photo passes for some of the gigs I’ve been too, and the feedback has been pretty decent.

This is a passion project of mine, pure and simple. It’s not like I’m getting paid for any of this (although, I certainly would mind that). I do this blog because I just want to share with the world, the music that’s in mine. If you’ve got an eclectic taste in music, then you and I could be friends. If you’re the shy type, just follow my blog. I don’t mind.

Sometimes I’m not able to post about a show I’ve been to until a couple weeks after it’s happened. Bear with me … but I gotta pay my bills. I’ll get to it soon enough.




Oh … and if you’re wondering why I named my blog “MusicOfMyMind14″…. Stevie Wonder’s 14th studio album was titled “Music Of My Mind”. My favorite album by my favorite recording artist.


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