PHOTOS+VIDEO: Daniel and the Lion | The Roxy | 4/15/15

Opening for PHOX at The Roxy was a Daniel And The Lion, and we were there to snap some pics! Continue reading “PHOTOS+VIDEO: Daniel and the Lion | The Roxy | 4/15/15”


PHOTOS+VIDEO: Yukon Blonde | Troubadour | 4/8/15

Toronto based, indie synth-rock band Yukon Blonde opened for Nate Mendel’s bad Lieutenant at the Troubadour 4/8/15. It took a while, but we finally posted some photos from their gig. Continue reading “PHOTOS+VIDEO: Yukon Blonde | Troubadour | 4/8/15”


Photos: Banta | Troubadour | 4/8/15

One of the bands opening for Lieutenant at the Troubadour 4/8/15 was the Echo Park based, indie rock band Banta. Continue reading “Photos: Banta | Troubadour | 4/8/15”


Photos+Videos: Gemma Ray | El Rey Theatre | 4/3/15

Gemma Ray, a British musician, composer and producer whose retro-noire music stylings ranged from surf rock rockabilly to psychedelia and blues, earned some new fans opening for Kitty, Daisy & Lewis at the El Rey.  Continue reading “Photos+Videos: Gemma Ray | El Rey Theatre | 4/3/15”


REVIEW: Coachella 2015 | Weekend One Live Stream

I won’t be able to go to Coachella this year, but I still got to enjoy a ton of the performances from weekend one of the festival. Thank God for the internet!

Certain performances are being “rebroadcast” on Youtube and you can try your luck at catching your favorite band by clicking: ->THIS LINK <-

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NEW VIDEO: Snoop Dogg’s “So Many Pros” #FollowTheBush

Snoop Dogg just dropped one of the hottest new music videos I’ve seen in a while. Directed by Francois Rousselet, the video for “So Many Pros” uses the artistic stylings of vintage movie posters from the late 70s and 80s, and it pays off visually. Check out the video below! Continue reading “NEW VIDEO: Snoop Dogg’s “So Many Pros” #FollowTheBush”


Watch COACHELLA 2015 Here!

For those of us unfortunate souls who weren’t able to make it out to the desert this year for the music explosion that is Coachella, watch selected streamed performances here … from ALL THREE CHANNELS! The show starts now!

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PHOTOS+VIDEO: Blackbear | The Roxy | 3/28/15

The only non-rapper on Mod Sun’s “Look Up Tour” was Hollywood’s own R&B/Neo-Soul crooner Mat Musto p/k/a Blackbear. The mood was immediately set when the house lights dimmed to an almost completely pitch black.

Continue reading “PHOTOS+VIDEO: Blackbear | The Roxy | 3/28/15”


PHOTOS+VIDEO: Dillon Cooper | The Roxy | 3/28/15

Rapping the east coast on the Mod Sun’s “Look Up Tour” was Brooklyn, New York rapper Dillon Cooper. His flow was on point and I was particularly impressed with the quality of his rhymes.

Continue reading “PHOTOS+VIDEO: Dillon Cooper | The Roxy | 3/28/15”


PHOTOS+VIDEO: KR | The Roxy | 3/28/15

Los Angeles based rapper KR had one of the opening slots for Mod Sun’s “Look Up Tour”. He’s seems to be making some waves as of late, and was evening featured in an L.A. Weekly article for being a Soundcloud rap phenom.  Continue reading “PHOTOS+VIDEO: KR | The Roxy | 3/28/15”


Photos & Video: Karizma | The Roxy | 3/28/15

Hailing from the Twin Cities, Morgan Parriott p/k/a Karizma had one of the opening slots for Mod Sun’s Look Up Tour. He performed his set with DJ Gnash supporting him. His set was demonstrated energetic hip-hop that certainly got the crowd bouncing. We were able to catch a few photos and video clips from his set. Enjoy! Continue reading “Photos & Video: Karizma | The Roxy | 3/28/15”


PHOTOS: Brothers McCann | El Rey Theatre | 3/13/15

Brothers McCann, a folk-rock trio from Boston, MA, opened for  Martin Sexton at the El Rey Theatre on 3/13/15 and we snapped some pics of their performance. Continue reading “PHOTOS: Brothers McCann | El Rey Theatre | 3/13/15”