If you are interested in purchasing a print, here is some info:
1. I do all the prints myself. I print images out on 13×19 with 1’’ borders (I can do borderless though). 
2. Pricing usually depends on whether I need to ship it. If you are based in LA, I can always drop it off somewhere, which will save you a few bucks, plus, I always love to meet the people who purchase my work.
3. If it matters to you, I print using a Canon Pro-100 and use Canon Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss. I sign prints in the front, and typically include photo info (artist, date and venue).
4. Prints are numbered and limited to 20

Basic pricing info is as follows: 
– $75 Print
– $10 Minimum Price For Tube Shipping
– $15 Basic Black Frame

If you are still interested, I can send over a proof sheet, and you can actually pick out the photo you want printed out from a particular show.


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