Photos+Videos: Kitty, Daisy & Lewis | El Rey Theatre | 4/3/15

There is a strong love of the rockabilly/ska genre in southern California, so it seems that Kitty, Daisy & Lewis had the proper foresight to close the U.S. leg of their tour at the El Rey on April 3, 2015.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis is truly a family affair as the siblings had their with their father Graeme Durham on rhythm guitar and mother Ingrid Weiss on upright bass to fill out their  their rockabilly and vintage country sound.

To be frank, I knew very little about the band when I ordered tickets for their show. I watched videos for two of their singles from their latest album, “Third”, on Youtube and decided that figured that it would be good night of music. Their performance exceeded my expectations.

With Lewis dressed in a vintage-inspired suit of the 40’s and 50’s, and Kitty and Daisy form fitting onesies, the trio’s traditional sound had the audience grooving throughout the set.

I was particularly impressed with how each of the siblings swapped instruments during their performance, revealing their musical acumen by demonstrating their proficiency on various instrument. Each took turns playing drums, keys, guitars, banjos and the harmonica.

Though some may deem their sound revivalist to an extent, the execution of their music is distinctly modern, with pop sensibilities. As such, it wasn’t hard to understand the varying ages of those in the audience which ranged from pre-teens, to the gray hairs, to drunk middle aged men who apparently loved Daisy and couldn’t hold his liquor.

I left the performance thoroughly impressed. With each member in their early twenties, already close to selling out the storied El Rey, and with three albums in their back-pocket, there’s no telling how far their careers can reach. I’m looking forward to seeing how this bands develops.



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