The Universe Wanted Me To Listen to the Talking Heads’ “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)”

In a weird, cosmic way, through a series of subtle and not-so-subtle little bits of life events, the universe led me to this song: Talking Heads’ “This Must Be The Place”. To summarize:

– A couple weeks ago, I saw on my twitter feed that David Byrnes was offering a free download of his latest set of recordings with St. Vincent. I downloaded it;

– That weekend, I went to the Make Music Pasadena Festival and I heard an Artist/DJ mix in a vocal stem of Talking Heads “Once In A Lifetime” into a song he was performing;

– Several days later, during a late night of drafting agreements for work, I arbitrarily decided to play  three albums on repeat.  The two that mattered most for purposes of this blog entry were Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” and Talking Heads’ “Remain In Light” (the third was Vampire Weekend’s “Modern Vampires of the City”);

– I went to see an artist perform this past weekend, and met a friend of hers who recommended that I check out a Sean Penn movie on Netflix called “This Must Be The Place”;

– I wrote and published the blog entry on the Make Muisc Pasadena festival two days ago and decided to listen to Talking Heads’ live album “Stop Making Sense” while writing it;

– It’s now today and I’m watching the movie “This Must Be the Place”. Half way into the movie the protagonist has dialogue with a child that goes as follows:

“Tommy: “Can you play something? Please, just one song.”
Cheyenne: “I don’t play anymore and besides I don’t even know if I remember how.”
Tommy: “My music teacher says once you learn you never forget.”
Cheyenne: “Maybe he was just trying to be nice or he was just trying to worm some money out of you.”
Tommy: “Please, just one!”
Cheyenne: “What do you want me to play?”
Tommy: “‘This Must Be the Place’ by Arcade Fire”
Cheyenne: “Nonsense. ‘This Must Be the Place’ is by the Talking Heads.”
Tommy: “No, it’s by Arcade Fire.”
Cheyenne: “Trust me, you’re delusional. ‘This Must Be the Place’ is by the Talking Heads. Arcade Fire only did a cover.”
Tommy: “Oh” [sings] “Home is where the…”
Cheyenne: “Where are you going? I was just seeing if the guitar was in tune.”
Tommy: “Oh, sorry””

I paused the movie and checked my iTunes and vinyl collection. I never purchased the Talking Heads or Arcade Fire album with this song. The universe wanted me to hear this song. It looks like I’ll know what to spend my Ameoba gift certificates on this weekend.

Just felt like sharing. Thanks for reading.


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