Maya Vik | Culture Collide | 11/10/13

Click here to check out the other bands that I saw perform at Culture Collide 2013


I was washing my hands in one of the venues when I noticed the gentlemen next to me washing his hands wearing some really high-end ear plugs. Since I had recently looked into purchasing a pair of quality earplugs, I sparked up a conversation in the men’s room regarding the same.

The dude had a European accent, and after converting Krones to U.S. Dollars, we estimated that his ear plugs were between $800-$1,000. I thanked him for the insight, and applauded him for his dedication to concert going before heading off. Imagine my amusement when I noticed him behind the keys for Maya Vik.

From her Wikipedia page:

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 12.38.07 AM

It was a fun, energetic set that really had the small club venue feeling funky. When they covered Ready For The World’s Oh Sheila the small venue got warm and musty with moving bodies. If I could have, I would have attended her gig on Saturday. There’s nothing better to get the funk flowing than a good looking woman, slapping out funky bass-lines.

Unfortunately, the Flickr slideshow below is not currently available on mobile devices. If you are on a mobile device, please click THIS LINK to get redirected to the set of photos.


Click here to check out the other bands that I saw perform at Culture Collide 2013

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