NEW MUSIC: “Love Crazy” EP by Preston Harris

I was introduced to Preston Harris last year when he was singing background vocals at a Terrace Martin show at The Virgil. I recall vividly Terrace warning the crowd that they should get familiar with Preston and his voice. Now, I know why.

Preston just released his first EP titled “Love Crazy”, and it is an extremely solid R&B effort. It opens with an a cappella composition (“Iloveyou”) that, with Mr. Harris’ layering his voice into tight harmonies, sets the seductive tone for the rest of playlist.

Aesthetically, this debut is a steady and strong dose of provocative music that never strays from it’s objective: to elicit the passionate sentiments of love-making.

There only a couple of elements that, production wise, I think could have been tailored bettor (i.e. the bass line in “Good Morning” feels a tad too heavy), but for a debut, I am extremely impressed. You can feel that Preston has been influenced by those who came before him (Take 6, BoyzIIMen, Brian McKnight, Musiq, Stevie Wonder), but he takes what moves him, and made it his own.

You need a new music soundtrack for Valentine’s Day? You should probably download this EP.

Personal Favorites: “Iloveyou”, “TRACE” and “Lift Your Head”

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