Jose James’ “Park Bench People” (Live)- A Cover of a Freestyle Fellowship Classic


Back when I was a young tyke, I was heavily influenced by jazz infused hip-hop. Tracks by A Tribe Called Quest, Guru and De La Soul were getting heavy spins on the radio, but I was more drawn in to the underground sounds of the Los Angeles based hip hop group (being an Angeleno) Freestyle Fellowship. Their album “Innercity Griots” is, by my standards, a hip-hop classic.

Earlier today, a Facebook friend posted a couple videos of a relatively new American vocalist named Jose James who blends modern jazz and hip hop to perfection. After snooping the inter-webs for more information about his albums, I found that he covered one of my favorite Freestyle Fellowship tracks, “Park Bench People”. 

Jose James’ cover of “Park Bench People” blew my mind, and I hope that it impresses you as much as it impressed me.


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