In Memoriam | George “Shadow” Morton | 1940-2013


On February 14, 2013, George “Shadow” Morton passed away.  The casual music fan won’t realize it, but Shadow’s legacy in music history is quite profound.  Having introduced The Shangri-Las to the world in the 1960s, he set the stage for the evolution of women of music, giving women a “tough girls” persona, as compared to their contemporaries.  Music historians and critics point to Shadow as one of the original building blocks of  punk, pointing to the New York Dolls, and women in punk, particularly pointing to Blondie, as being influenced by The Shangri-Las.

He wrote all of The Shangri-Las biggest hits.  His discography credits him with having worked with, or written songs that were covered by,  artists ranging from Aerosmith to Janis Ian to Vanilla Fudge to The New York Dolls.  RIP, Shadow.  Your legacy should not be forgotten.

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