Establishing an Identity | “The Frvnk Freeman Project” | Frvnk Freeman [Album Review & Stream]

front Who is Frvnk Freeman (nee Frank Freeman)? I’ve been following his musical efforts for a few years, and I’ve been waiting for his evolution. Maybe we’ve arrived. With his latest album, “The Frvnk Freeman Project”, I heard some music that got my music juices flowing.

Full disclosure, I’m his paper pusher a/k/a “attorney”. I heard some of his early demos, and my gut told me that there were something special with this kid, although, truth be told, I was having a hard time connecting with some of his more recent, eclectic efforts.

Frank’s latest project, “The Frvnk Freeman Project”, is a hip-hop album that really got me excited. Maybe it’s the laid back atmosphere of the whole album, maybe it’s the jazz influences that I can hear sprinkled throughout each track, may be it’s the clever lyrics and flow of Frvnk … whatever “it” is, this “project” has the kind of laid back, atmospheric vibe that I can connect with.

I think that the consistency of the overall feel of the of album is partially based on the fact that a majority of the tracks on this album (7 out of 10) is produced by one producer. Whoever MjNichols is … solid work, kid.

So, is this album Frvnk Freeman? Only time will tell. But based on this effort, with it’s flowing raps and smart laid back groove productions, as far as I can tell, it certainly is a great start.

Select Cuts: Solar Field, River Flow and Soulflower

Favorite Line(s): “You’re too busy counting ones, you forget to count your blessings. Been chilling on the clouds just to catch a glimpse of heaven, hopefully one day girl you’ll learn your lesson.” from Soul Flower

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