The Futures League | Troubadour | 8/13/14 [Photos]

Opening for Reignwolf at the Troubadour was an LA based rock band named the The Futures League. It was my first time catching them play, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I liked what I heard.

A mix of psychedelic and garage rock, with catchy riffs and a solid groove, it was a sound that definitely piqued my curiosity … so much so, that I started to record a video clip of them so I could remember what it was that interested me when I got home. I shut it down quickly though when a bouncer gave me the stare down and a hand gesture that indicated that I should shut it down asap. Needless to say, I liked them on Facebook. I’m interested to hear more of what the guys have to offer.

Setlist (unconfirmed)

  1. Give My Lovin a Try
  2. Too Many Lies
  3. Lucy
  4. Take/Give
  5. Mojo Back
  6. Never See Me Again
  7. I Wanna Go
  8. Digital Dreams
  9. Women Trials
  10. Jesus
  11. Tall Buildings

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