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THOUGHTS:  The first band I got to catch was a young group of fellas called Strangers You Know. For the earliest set in the day, I was quite surprised that they had pulled a decent sized crowd (which consisted of mostly young girls). With solid pop-laced, indie-rock melodies and a confident swagger that impressed me and good looks (which I’m assuming impressed their young female crowd), I was glad that I got to the festival grounds early to catch some music that I was unfamiliar with. If these guys have been writing their music, they’re off to a good start. I’m interested to hear more from them.

To Check Out Other Acts that I Caught At First City Festival, CLICK HERE.


2 Comments on “Strangers You Know | First City Festival | 8/23/14 [PHOTOS]

  1. The lead singer and song writer of Strangers You Know is my son, Grady Lee, and I am so proud of him, and the band :Adam, Dakota, and Sjors!!!!!!!! The story of their journey is a story in itself. Grady has been so incredibly passionate and dedicated about his music and and song writing for years, so anytime, I, as his proud Momma can acknowlege a shout out to people like you, who appreciate him and his amazing band, I want to say THANK YOU! ❤ (I am a dinosaur in the techno world, I still have a flip phone, and am not on facbook so I happen to chance upon you, playing with my new ipad!) A good thing 🙂

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