King James & The Special Men | Twilight Concert Series | Santa Monica Pier 9/11/14 [Photos]

CLICK HERE to check out other acts performing a Twilight Concert at the Santa Monica Pier!

I love New Orleans. I love its people. I love its food. I love its music. God damn, how I love its music. Blues, jazz, funk, dixieland … New Orleans has it all. On September 11, 2014, a bit of New Orleans came to the Santa Monica Pier.


King James & The Special Men is a rhythm and blues band that embodies the New Orleans spirit. Their raw, gritty, soulful music reminded me of the crazy, fun, nights I’ve had trolling Bourbon Street, drunk off my butt, wandering into the random, local venue that had live music spilling into the street.


Playing both covers and originals, King James and his Special Men played music that evoked memories of that one time my friends and me spent an evening at Mother-In-Laws when it was hosted by the charming Miss Antoinette (R.I.P.). As it turns it out, he was a regular player there,  playing for nothing “but free drinks and big ol’ sack of Miss Antoinette K-Doe’s red beans and rice”.


It was a grand performance by New Orleans stalwart, and I was very pleased that the Twilight Concert  Series got him to open for Charles Bradley.  CLICK HERE to check out some Instagram video clips from the concert to get a bit of that New Orleans flavor in your soul.

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