Sunset Strip Music Festival 2014 | 9/20/14 | Homepage

Though I’m a Los Angeles native, I had never attended the Sunset Strip Music Festival. Now in it’s seventh year, and featuring several artist’s that I had been longing to see live for a while now, I decided to apply for a press pass.


Though I didn’t get approved to shoot the music festival, I called one of my clients, who happened to manage one of the artists performing, and got added to the photo pass list for the acts performing Saturday, September 24th.


Below is a list of artists that I had the chance to check out. Links to pages with my brief thoughts, photos, Instagram videos and set lists. Hope you enjoy them!


  1. The Killing Lights [Photos]
  2. Fartbarf [Photos]
  3. Mod Sun [Photos]
  4. Crosses ††† [Photos]
  5. Cold War Kids [Photos]
  6. Riff Raff [Photos]

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