The Filthy Souls | The Viper Room | 11/1/14 [Photos & Video]

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Brit indie-rockers, The Filthy Souls are in indie-rock band whose released a self-titled debut EP this year. It’s a solid, 7 song set of pulsating music that straddles the pop and hard rock lines with a delicate balance.

Their performance at The Viper Room, opening for Dead Sara, was a rocking affair that I’m sure made believers of some of the Dead Sara faithful, myself included. It certainly didn’t hurt that they were giving out free music and t-shirts to those who wanted them.

I’m definitely going to keep an ear out on this band. I’m excited to hear more from them, and hopefully catch them live again.



A member of theDEADicated is also a big fan of The Filthy Souls. He shot some video and I’ve posted links below. If you are a fan of Dead Sara, or a new fan of The Filthy Souls, you should probably follow him on Youtube and Twitter.

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