Rae Sremmurd | Album Listening Party | Couture Lounge | 12/10/14

Words and Photos by Kate M.

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It’s hard to explain how great these guys are . . .except for it’s easy because they’re so dope!  Their infectious sound and unforgettable hooks make people feel GOOD!   Flow is flawless, they party, lyrics are fun and transcend genres of audiences, and their hooks reach anthem status without the breadth of the Pop establishment, the history of the guitar riffs of Rock, or the aching of Country, which are powerful and classic hooks that I love, but Rae Sremmurd is doing it RIGHT.NOW!

Rae Sremmurd Black and White PhotoMany months ago I had the chance to see Rae Sremmurd (pronounced “Ray Shrimmer”) for a meet and greet at Interscope and their charisma was ridiculous – natural charm.   Later, I saw them open for Drake v. Lil’ Wayne Tour at The Hollywood Bowl.  In May 2014, the artists released their track “No Flex Zone,” which became a rap anthem (and hash tag phenomenon).   Later in August, they released “No Type,” the second track off their upcoming album.   They released the third track from the album, “Throw Sum Mo” with Nicki Minaj and Young Thug on December 9th.   If you haven’t heard any of these tracks, I’m gonna need proof you live on earth.  If you have been under a music rock lately I posted links below.   So ultimately, when a good friend and colleague invited me to the listening party for Rae Sremmurd’s upcoming album, Sremm Life, I said, Hellllll ya!

Rae Sremmurd drops their debut album January 6, 2015, awesomely titled, Sremm Life.   They held their album listening party at Couture Lounge in Hollywood to an audience of industry cred and fans.  They had the club goin’ up!  They held court and captivated their audience performing from the floor among their audience and not on a stage.   They performed their entire album – proof they are just getting started and don’t need to hold back.  This album is so strong, I feel they’re barely breaking the surface of what these two can do and it sounds like there will be a few hit records from this upcoming album courtesy of Producer Mike-Will-Made-It.

Their musical sound is club beats and dance tracks.  They have perfect flow and I challenge you to find better hooks on 808 bass right now.   If you aren’t into that sound and scene you won’t be moved, buuuut, their lyrics, rhythm and magnetism counter that logical insight.   Recall above when I said their sound “transcends genres of audiences?”  Solange Knowles and her son famously did a choreographed dance to “No Flex Zone” at her wedding, and recently, Pat Sajak rapped “No Type” on an ESPN segment.

Rae Sremmurd is made up of brothers Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy, originally from Mississippi, now based in Atlanta.   It’s not unusual to say a particular sound and vibe is popular in the moment, but they have the rare quality of innate performing talent and they taught themselves how to make beats, record and garner an audience that may speak to the contrary.   They released 2 tracks before signing with Mike- Will- Made-It’s Ear Drummer Records and these 2 tracks got the attention of music heavy weights.   True they are in the studio with master Producer Mike Will now, but I think Mike knows he has barely broken the surface with this hip hop duo.

Their debut album, titled Sremm Life drops January 6, 2015 – start the year off right!





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