Nikki Lane | The Troubadour | 11/30/14 [Photos and Video]

THOUGHTS (Excerpted from M. Sloves’ terrifically written concert review that you can read by CLICKING HERE!):

“Her South Carolina accent makes her sound a helluva lot older than she looks. It’s a little raspy but not in a French/Israeli “I’ve been smoking since I was 8 years old” kinda way. Nikki probably sounded like this straight out of the womb. Lends her a certain gravitas that plays well off the current of thick heavy drumbeats that connect her grittier rock moments to her slower country vibes.

[…] With a heavy tom-tom beat in the background, her voice echoes between imagined canyons while guitar licks fill the space in between. It’s crafty. And that’s what she is as she shifts between the shadows of different genres. Crafty. She can move in 4 or 5 different directions without ever losing touch with her root sound. Maybe that’s Dan Auerbach’s hand in the mix, I don’t know, but it’s pretty rad to know that she’s not a one-note artist. She can pick it up as fast as she slows it down and that makes you appreciate each moment a little more knowing that it’s never gonna get stale […].

[…] She’s talented. She’s marketable. She says “fuck” juuuust enough to be adorable but not enough to be crass… but it’s all still a little raw. What she’s doing right now is awesome but you feel like that there’s a lot more left in the tank. And that’s just fine because I love her now but I’m just as excited to see what she’ll be doing in a year or two. Maybe it’s all part of that tough broad gender role-reversal that seems to underpin so many of her lyrics. She’s basically giving us just the tip. And it makes us want her to give us the rest that much more!”



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