PREVIEW: “Kiss My Asspergers” | Fundraiser for Autistic Children | Bardot | 2/21/15

Any good fundraiser should have good music. If you don’t have any plans on February 21st, 2015, and you want to get keen on some new up and coming bands in Los Angeles, you should head to Bardot in Hollywood to attend “Kiss my ASSpergers”; a fundraiser for autistic children with all proceeds going to the Hollyrod Foundation.

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The brainchild of reality television personality and model Amanda Jean, this event is also celebrating her birthday, so it’s a double whammy. With ALT 98.7’s Jordin Silver hosting the event and a plethora of non-music distractions available (i.e. Celebrity red carpet from 8 -9PM, a live broadcast from “mansion Mayhem” on Playboy Radio, First 150 people get a free swag bags for the first 150 people, a  “Kiss The Amanda Jean ASS” kissing booth [if you donate] and video confessional), the $3 at the door without an RSVP will definitely be worth every penny.

My friend Marina helped curate the performers for the evening and she was able to snag Dear BoyHudsonThe Brave Ones and The eli james Experience. Let’s see what these bands are all about.

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Dear BoyDear Boy is four piece alt rock band that has strong pop sensibilities. Their EP, released in 2013, was a solid debut, and their latest release, “Hesitation Waltz” (posted below) was produced by Doug Boehm (Girls) and mixed by Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode) is heavy on sentiment, anthemic in pacing, and pleasing to the ear. The fact that the song is a waltz in 3/4 time impresses me. It should impress you as well.

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HudsonHudson is dirty blues/roots rock and roll. They released a their latest EP “In The Unknown” 7 months ago (posted below) and is 5 songs of unadulterated, in your face, rock and roll. If their live show is as raucous as their music, I’d expect them to rock their audience into a frenzy.

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The Brave Ones

The Brave Ones are a six piece band fronted by Gene Louis. I listened to the three tracks they released 3 months ago thought that their own description of their music summed them up fairly well: “The Brave Ones are a relentless white-knuckle shot of pure musical adrenaline birthed in Los Angeles, California. The Brave Ones came out fighting, armed with attitude-driven vocals, aggressive guitars, thunderous rhythms, and timeless, well-written melodies.”

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The Eli James ExperienceThe Eli James Experience is probably the most intriguing of the acts performing this evening. A solo act, armed only with a drum kit that lights up with each beat and a computer, Eli James basically remixes popular music by playing his own drum track live. Don’t get what I’m talking about? Just check out the video below.

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Kiss My Assbergers

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