VIDEO: What Ever Happened to the B-Girl In Missy Elliot’s “Work It” Video?

A highlight of this years Superbowl Halftime show was when Katy Perry brought the incomparable Missy Elliot to the stage to perform a hit-laden medley of some of her classics. In case you missed the half time show, here ya go.

Missy Elliot’s music is/was, as John Bush of allmusic describes it, as “turn[ing] the tables on male rappers, taking charge of the sex game, matching their lewdest, rudest rhymes, and also featuring the most notorious backmasked vocal of the year.”

Missy’s cutting edge visuals in her music videos complimented her audacious musical style, but one of the more memorable images/themes that she uses in her visual productions were the dance moves of grade school b-girls in “Work It” and “Gossip Folks”, particularly the one featured in “Work It”.

Her name is Alyson Stoner, and she has crafted a nice little career in the entertainment industry for herself.

When the news got out that Missy was joining Katy at the Superbowl, the internet started inquiring as to whether the “little b-girl” would be making a cameo. Though that wasn’t in the cards, Alyson Stoner has just dropped a response/tribute video thanking Missy for giving her a chance to dance with her back in 2002.

Pretty darn cool if you ask me.


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