PHOTOS: Steve Aoki | Shaun White Presents AIR+STYLE | The Rose Bowl | 2/22/15

CLICK HERE to read our event review and to CHECK OUT links to the other acts that performed at AIR+STYLE!!!

THOUGHTS: Steve Aoki closed day 2 of Air+Style. By the time his set started, my camera bags were fogging, my second shirt was drenched, and I had somehow gotten some mud in my shoe. My time watching Steve perform was limited to my time in the pit, although my festival highlight did happen during that time. As soon as the photographers were kicked out, I made a b-line to my car to sit for a few minutes with the heater on. I missed out on any cake throwing and the bottles of bubbly that Steve and Shaun (White) sprayed into the crowd, but I figured that warming my body up to prevent hypothermia was a bit more important.


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