REVIEW & PHOTOS: Dream Club | The Viper Room | 3/14/15

Dream Club was the second band who opened for Mike Campbell’s The Dirty Knobs at The Viper Room on 3/14/15.

From their Facebook page, “Justin Warfield (She Wants Revenge) singing and playing guitar, his childhood best friend Gianni Garofalo (Supernaut, One Inch Punch) on bass, Justin “Dusty” Rocherolle (Green And Yellow TV, Great Northern) on drums, Stefanie King-Warfield (The Parallelograms) singing and playing percussion, and Jamie Arentzen (American Hi-Fi) on lead guitar, the five piece band (sometimes 6 with the addition of keys) blend their native California Rock with hard-edged rhythms, extended solos and catchy, catchy songs.”

I really enjoyed their set, and wished I had a wide angled lens in order to capture the full band playing. With Stefanie King-Warfield on vocals signing either harmonies or lead, I felt a little bit of a Fleetwood Mac vibe in the music, and I liked that a lot.

Even though Justin has played huge venues with his other band, She Wants Revenge, he made it a point to express his deep thanks for the opportunity to play at The Viper Room with Dream Club. Playing tons of smaller venues outside of Los Angeles, he noted, was nice, but playing in the heart of Sunset with his current band was something that he had apparently been looking forward to for a while.

I, for one, was glad to catch them play. I follow them on Twitter to keep up with their activities and note that they have a gig coming up April 3rd at the Townhouse in Venice. I may be heading out there to check them out again.



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