City and Colour | Coachella | 4/12/14 (PHOTOS)


Though I hated having to leave CHVRCHES‘ set early, there was another band taking the Main Stage that I didn’t want to miss: City and Colour.  City and Colour is the acoustic/folk stage name of Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green, who previously was the lead guitarist and vocalist of the post-hardcore band Alexisonfire. As an aside, did you know that the name City and Colour is derived from Dallas (City) Green’s (Colour) name?

Truth be told, I wasn’t all too familiar with City and Colour’s discography, but having done a bit of research before attending the festival, I discovered that he had released 4 studio albums, 3 of which landing in the top 3 (two hitting number 1) of the Canadian Albums Chart, with his latest 2013 effort, “The Hurry and the Harm“, peaking at number 16 on the Billboard 200.

The music’s gentle grace swept over the crowd that had gathered for his set, and was given a much needed reprieve from the craziness of the past 24 Coachella hours. Truthfully, it was a the perfect set, at the perfect time. It reminded me of the time I saw Andrew Bird’s midday Coachella set in 2012; how the music enveloped me really put my mind at ease.

Dallas Green heads back up to Canada for a series of performance, but I recommend checking out City and Colour when he stops by in your town. Well worth it.




The Airplane Boys | Brave | Official Video

I wrote about the The Airplane Boys most recent mixtape “Brave New World” back in March, but what I failed to mention back in that post is that the group is part of a collective known as Beau Monde.  One of the members of the collective is Warren Credo, who has been the Brand Director of the Beau Monde Collective since 2009. Warren is a talented videographer and photographer and recently put the final touches on the official video for The Airplane Boys’ recording “Brave”. Shot in Japan, it is a tremendous visual accompaniment to the music.  For your listening and viewing pleasure, the official video of The Airplane Boys “Brave”, shot by Warren Credo.