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Medicine | Culture Collide | 10/11/13

Click here to check out the other bands that I saw perform at Culture Collide 2013 Shoegazing is a sub genre of alternative rock that emerged from the United Kingdom in the late 1980s. As per its entry on Wikipedia, “The British music press—particularly NME and Melody Maker—named this style shoegazing because the musicians in these bands stood relatively still during live performances in a detached, introspective, non-confrontational … Read More Medicine | Culture Collide | 10/11/13

Holy Ghost! | FYF Festival | August 25, 2013

To check out pictures of other bands I was able to catch at the festival, CLICK HERE. At the suggestion of my cousin, I decided to see Holy Ghost! rather than My Bloody Valentine as the last band at the festival. This turned out to be a good suggestion as I understood that My Bloody Valentine had a plethora of technical difficulties which put a damper on their set. … Read More Holy Ghost! | FYF Festival | August 25, 2013