Phaze | “Arrival” and “Legendary” | New Videos

My client Phaze has been putting out a lot of dope content these days. The latest two videos he dropped recently are, in my humble opinion, top notch. It starts with the music. Phaze has really been stepping up his lyrical game as of late, and it really comes through with the content and flow. The slick beats certainly add to his game.

Though he doesn’t appear in the video for “Arrival” (released May 24, 2013), the edits and cuts of the video (which was shot in India) are visually amazing. I actually feel that by not appearing in the video, it sets forth a confident statement by Phaze and the director that the music speaks for itself.

The video “Legendary” was released earlier in the month (May, 18, 2013) was shot in Los Angeles and already has over 16,000 views (as of May 31, 2013). Shot at the Tar Pits in Los Angeles, the video again used terrific visual imagery. The beat, produced by C Ballin, is smooth and steady, matching the lyrical flow.

If you like what you see and hear, spread the word. If you want to keep up with Phaze and his music follow him and his label respectively on twitter at @officialPhaze_ and @MrSobat … Ohh yeah … you can follow me too if you’d like here @Methodman13. I’d like to think I post some cool stuff too … LOL.

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