VIDEO: Kendrick Lamar Freestyling to Notorious B.I.G. Classics on BigBoyTV

Radio DJ personality Big Boy landed a new gig working at REAL 92.3 in Los Angeles, and he brought some serious firepower to his radio show: Kendrick Lamar freestyling to Notorious B.I.G. classic … and it was glorious.

My favorite rhyme? “From Compton, to Congress/ It’s set trippin’ all around/ Ain’t nothin new but a flu of new Demo”crips” and Re”blood”licans/ Red state vs Blue state/ Which one you governing?

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Dirty Loops cover Alphaville’s “Forever Young”

As much as I like Jay Z, I really can’t stand what he did to Alphaville’s chart topping single from 1984 “Forever Young”. Alphaville’s recording was a song of my youth. For me, it was a song played as the one of the last songs at summer boarding school dances (the other being Don McLean’s “American Pie”) where groups of friends would gather in a circle on the dance floor to sing along and reminisce of the memories they had made the past few months. In my opinion, what Kanye and Jay Z did to that song was a bastardization of the original, and I always flip the tuner on the radio if it starts playing. Sure, it appeals to the modern day youth, but to me? … they should have left good enough alone. I mean the Jay Z rap? … ugh. Just terrible. Terrible lyrics. Terrible sentiment. Just … ugh.


Below are are videos of Alphaville’s original recording and Jay Z’s version. You be judge.


When I noticed that Dirty Loops did a cover of “Forever Young”, I was bracing myself for the worst. I mean, these fellas are amazing musicians, and in the other covers I’ve heard them perform, they usually flip the arrangement into something breathtakingly crazy. I was keeping my fingers crossed when I pressed on the Youtube player, hoping that that they’d keep it somewhat laid back and mellow like the original. I was pleasantly surprise.


Yes, their arrangement is impeccably complex. The bass line? Ridiculous. The vocal runs? Effortlessly fluid. The chord progressions? More sophisticated than a bottle of your finest bottled of scotch. These guys haven’t let me down yet, and I’m glad they did such a phenomenal, and unique, cover of Alphaville’s original. FYI, I didn’t need a chaser.



How to Dress Well’s “Repeat Pleasure” (Part 1 of 3 “What Is This Heart?” trilogy) (Official Video)

Tom Krell p/k/a How To Dress Well.
Tom Krell p/k/a How To Dress Well.

I’m a fan of Tom Krell’s music. Performing under the stage name “How To Dress Well”, his music has always has always resonated a sadness or longing in me. Whether its his airy falsetto, or the generally dark lyrical topics of his compositions, his music always makes me want to lay on a coach and contemplate life, love, at other personal topics.

When I saw him perform at The Roxy earlier this year, Tom performed “Repeat Pleasure” and noted it was a song about controlling emotions even though you know that “if you do something once, you’ll probably do it again”. He also noted that it was perhaps the most “poppy” songs he had had ever written.

That being said, I suppose one would have expected a music video with an airier, light hearted mood, but I think if that had been done, it would have been so out of character for Tom, his fans, myself included, would have said, “Huh?”

Tom’s music video for “Repeat Pleasure”, which is apparently part 1 of the “What Is This Heart?” (the name of his forthcoming album) trilogy, will pull on your heartstrings. It seems to tell the story of a young man who’s grandfather is gravely ill, and his efforts to take him somewhere familiar before passing. The video is appropriately “How To Dress Well”, and I fully appreciate Tom’s creative vision for his music.

Phaze | “Arrival” and “Legendary” | New Videos

My client Phaze has been putting out a lot of dope content these days. The latest two videos he dropped recently are, in my humble opinion, top notch. It starts with the music. Phaze has really been stepping up his lyrical game as of late, and it really comes through with the content and flow. The slick beats certainly add to his game.

Though he doesn’t appear in the video for “Arrival” (released May 24, 2013), the edits and cuts of the video (which was shot in India) are visually amazing. I actually feel that by not appearing in the video, it sets forth a confident statement by Phaze and the director that the music speaks for itself.

The video “Legendary” was released earlier in the month (May, 18, 2013) was shot in Los Angeles and already has over 16,000 views (as of May 31, 2013). Shot at the Tar Pits in Los Angeles, the video again used terrific visual imagery. The beat, produced by C Ballin, is smooth and steady, matching the lyrical flow.

If you like what you see and hear, spread the word. If you want to keep up with Phaze and his music follow him and his label respectively on twitter at @officialPhaze_ and @MrSobat … Ohh yeah … you can follow me too if you’d like here @Methodman13. I’d like to think I post some cool stuff too … LOL.