New Music | Ms Lauryn Hill | “Black Rage” [Stream]

  Given the recent civil unrest in Ferguson, MO, leave it to Lauryn Hill to drop a track she recorded over a year ago as a demo.   This is music at it’s best. Music that speaks to current social climate. This is the kind of music that makes on think deep about why we, as aContinue reading “New Music | Ms Lauryn Hill | “Black Rage” [Stream]”

Nina Diaz | Alex’s Bar | 7/25/14 [PHOTOS]

One of my favorite female rock vocalists is Nina Diaz. Usually the front woman for the punk rock band Girl In A Coma, she’s decided to take a little hiatus from the band to record some music solo. The results are a set of music that is wrought with emotional expressions of melody that act asContinue reading “Nina Diaz | Alex’s Bar | 7/25/14 [PHOTOS]”

Jill Scott | BET Experience | 6/27/14 [PHOTOS]

 CLICK HERE TO SEE THE OTHER PERFORMANCES THAT I CAUGHT DURING THE BET EXPERIENCE AT L.A. LIVE I have been a fan of Jill Scott since the first time I heard her track “Do You Remember?”. That song moved me like no other. Her incredible voice, together with lyrics that spoke to a love remembered,Continue reading “Jill Scott | BET Experience | 6/27/14 [PHOTOS]”

Jill Scott | BET Experience | 6/27/14 [Instagram Videos]

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE OTHER PERFORMANCES/EVENTS THAT I CAUGHT DURING THE BET EXPERIENCE AT L.A. LIVE Below are clips of each of the songs that Jill Scott performed at this show. I may have missed a song or two. I hope you enjoy it. View this post on Instagram A post shared by musicofmymind14 (@musicofmymind14)Continue reading “Jill Scott | BET Experience | 6/27/14 [Instagram Videos]”

How to Dress Well’s “Repeat Pleasure” (Part 1 of 3 “What Is This Heart?” trilogy) (Official Video)

I’m a fan of Tom Krell’s music. Performing under the stage name “How To Dress Well”, his music has always has always resonated a sadness or longing in me. Whether its his airy falsetto, or the generally dark lyrical topics of his compositions, his music always makes me want to lay on a coach and contemplate life, love,Continue reading “How to Dress Well’s “Repeat Pleasure” (Part 1 of 3 “What Is This Heart?” trilogy) (Official Video)”

Illumination Road | The Troubadour | 2/17/14

Last June, I went to go see Illumination Road at The Roxy; a band that writes and performs music with a distinctly classic rock edge. Now, I don’t usually go out on Mondays, but when I heard that they were scheduled to open for another band at The Troubadour, I had to suck it upContinue reading “Illumination Road | The Troubadour | 2/17/14”

Yancy Deron, Yung Miss & Quiz | The Virgil | 1/22/14

Opening for Terrace Martin at the Virgil, were three acts: Quiz, Yung Miss and Yancy Deron. Each held their own, performing their sets admirably and with good energy, positively setting the table and mood for the evening’s headliner.  Below are video clips of their performances and a slideshow with some pictures from the evening. I wasContinue reading “Yancy Deron, Yung Miss & Quiz | The Virgil | 1/22/14”

The Janks | The Satellite | 11/15/13

New Years is around the corner, and I already have a band on my list to catch live in 2014. They’re called The Janks, and they’re pretty damn good live. Fronted by the brothers Zmed (Zachary and Dylan), this band’s music touches on elements of blues, folk and classic rock. I wasn’t familiar with their musicContinue reading “The Janks | The Satellite | 11/15/13”

Iza | Culture Collide | 10/10/13

Click here to check out the other bands that I saw perform at Culture Collide 2013 Earlier this year (2013), Snoop threw up some beats he had cobbled together onto his Soundcloud account, giving other musicians on Soundcloud the opportunity to record melodies and lyrics on top of them for fun. It so happened thatContinue reading “Iza | Culture Collide | 10/10/13”