Rival Sons | The Observatory | 9/19/14 [Photos]

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in a club with a friend and we were talking about bad ass bands, and the name Rival Sons came up. I had never heard of the band previously, so I had I a lot of questions. Where are they from? What kind of music do they play?Continue reading “Rival Sons | The Observatory | 9/19/14 [Photos]”

Illumination Road | Hotel Cafe | 8/29/14 [Photos]

I love the Hotel Cafe. It’s a classy and intimate performance venue that has a great sound system and they always seem to find great local (and touring) talent to perform on their small stage.   I was excited when I heard that Illumination Road was playing there (full disclosure, I know a couple of theContinue reading “Illumination Road | Hotel Cafe | 8/29/14 [Photos]”

Illumination Road | The Troubadour | 2/17/14

Last June, I went to go see Illumination Road at The Roxy; a band that writes and performs music with a distinctly classic rock edge. Now, I don’t usually go out on Mondays, but when I heard that they were scheduled to open for another band at The Troubadour, I had to suck it upContinue reading “Illumination Road | The Troubadour | 2/17/14”