REVIEW, PHOTOS & VIDEOS: The Dirty Knobs | The Viper Room | 3/14/15

I went to the Viper Room to support my friend’s band, Great White Buffalo. Unbeknownst to me, I would also be witnessing rock royalty shred the axe the same night. The Dirty Knobs? Heard of the them? Neither had I. How about the name Mike Campbell? Does that name ring a bell? No? Well it should.

Chris Robinson Brotherhood | Way Over Yonder | Santa Monica Pier | 9/27/14 [Photos]

To Check Out Other Acts that I Caught At Way Over Yonder, CLICK HERE! THE ACT: Chris Robinson Brotherhood | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram SOUNDS LIKE:  THOUGHTS: Chris Robinson, the Black Crowes frontman, has been recording and releasing music “solo” since 1993 and has at least 10 albums since 1993. Founded in 2011, Chris started the Chris Robinson. Though I don’tContinue reading “Chris Robinson Brotherhood | Way Over Yonder | Santa Monica Pier | 9/27/14 [Photos]”

Rival Sons | The Observatory | 9/19/14 [Photos]

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in a club with a friend and we were talking about bad ass bands, and the name Rival Sons came up. I had never heard of the band previously, so I had I a lot of questions. Where are they from? What kind of music do they play?Continue reading “Rival Sons | The Observatory | 9/19/14 [Photos]”

Illumination Road | Hotel Cafe | 8/29/14 [Photos]

I love the Hotel Cafe. It’s a classy and intimate performance venue that has a great sound system and they always seem to find great local (and touring) talent to perform on their small stage.   I was excited when I heard that Illumination Road was playing there (full disclosure, I know a couple of theContinue reading “Illumination Road | Hotel Cafe | 8/29/14 [Photos]”

Wanda Jackson | Ink-N-Iron | 6/6/14 [PHOTOS]

CLICK HERE TO SEE OTHER ACTS I WAS ABLE TO CATCH AT INK-N-IRON Wanda Lavonne Jackson is known to many as the “Queen of Rockabilly” or the “First Lady of Rockabilly”. An accomplished singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist, the success that she had during the 50s and 60s paved the way not only for women,Continue reading “Wanda Jackson | Ink-N-Iron | 6/6/14 [PHOTOS]”

Ray Campi | Ink-N-Iron | 6/6/14 [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

  CLICK HERE TO SEE OTHER ACTS I WAS ABLE TO CATCH AT INK-N-IRON Ray Campi is often called The King of Rockabilly. At 80 years old, at Ink-N-Iron, he proved it. Ray’s legacy in music started in 1944 and has touched numerous genres. From folk to country to rock and roll, Ray has hadContinue reading “Ray Campi | Ink-N-Iron | 6/6/14 [PHOTOS & VIDEO]”

The Preatures | Coachella | 4/11/14 (PHOTOS)

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT BLOG ENTRIES OF OTHER BANDS I SAW AT COACHELLA! At 12:30 I walked over check out the first band on the Main Stage; an Alternative rock band from Australia named The Preatures. The lead singer, Isabella Manfredi, exhibited “rock-and-roll charisma,” performing with a confidence that was hard not to be captivated by.Continue reading “The Preatures | Coachella | 4/11/14 (PHOTOS)”

Dr. Madd Vibe | The Troubadour | 3/30/14

Opening for Cody ChesnuTT at The Troubadour was a band billed as Madd Vibe. Now, I usually do my due diligence before I go to a concert when there’s a band performing that I’m unfamiliar with. In this instant, for whatever reason, I didn’t. When I got to the venue and the band took to theContinue reading “Dr. Madd Vibe | The Troubadour | 3/30/14”

The Weeks | The Satellite | 2/21/14

The last, and first, time I got to hang out with the fellas from The Weeks, I got drunk, rocked my face off and got late night taco-truck tacos with some of them after the gig. This time, I decided to take a more professional approach. I had asked for permission to take some pictures duringContinue reading “The Weeks | The Satellite | 2/21/14”

Illumination Road | The Troubadour | 2/17/14

Last June, I went to go see Illumination Road at The Roxy; a band that writes and performs music with a distinctly classic rock edge. Now, I don’t usually go out on Mondays, but when I heard that they were scheduled to open for another band at The Troubadour, I had to suck it upContinue reading “Illumination Road | The Troubadour | 2/17/14”