Kid Cudi | Coachella | 4/12/14 (PHOTOS)


I met Scott Mescudi p/k/a Kid Cudi years ago when he was a guest artist on Snoop’s track “That Tree” (produced by Diplo off of Snoop’s album More Malice … a highly underrated track of a highly underrated album, in my humble opinion*). I remember stopping by the location where they were filming the video for the track, and I vividly remember laughing my ass off during my time there as Cudi and Snoop were acting out scenes for the video a la Cheech and Chong.

I knew that Kid Cudi would be a large draw at Coachella. Even though he no longer partakes the doobie, his music, for I’m sure many in the crowd, still resonates with that scene. No doubt, as soon as his set started, I could smell the scent of cannabis wafting into the photo pit.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable, and lively, set.  Cudi, who is the only man I’ve ever seen successfully pull off a crop top, ran from stage left to stage right, engaging the audience, and getting everybody in the audience to feed off of his positive vibes. It was an all hip-hop set (I don’t think he performed any WZRD tracks).

I heard that the following week, he was able to get the girls of HAIM to perform “Red Eye”, and MGMT to perform “Pursuit of Happiness”, with him. When I heard that, it was the first time I told myself that I wouldn’t have minded going weekend two.

*- Disclaimer. I do work for Doggy Style Records, but my opinions here are truly unbiased.


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