CLICK HERE to check out other acts performing a Twilight Concert at the Santa Monica Pier!

I’ve always been a fan of OK Go. Their cheery, campy music (and music videos) have always been put me in a good mood. With their next album, “Hungry Ghosts”, due out this October, they have been making the rounds touring the United States throughout the Sumer  and will continue touring through October. I’m certainly glad they decided to perform for the Twilight Concert Series.


It was my first time watching them perform live, and though there’d be no blasts of confetti and streamers into the audience for the show (they would have been fined by the city of Santa Monica for pier clean-up), I learned one thing. OK Go’s live show is, capital “F”, Fun.


With their music leading the Fun movement, they fully interacted with the audience, telling stories (like how they came up with the band’s name), doing an impromptu number from the musical “Les Miserables”, recording audience sounds to incorporate into a song they were going to perform and even venturing into the audience to perform. So … friggin … fun.


I really hope that their next album performs well. Shunning the big, corporate machine that is the major record labels, they decided to record the album on their own. I’ve only heard the singles they’ve released and the songs that they performed at the pier, but I’m thinking … as long as they keep winning fans over with their live performance, they’ll be just fine.


I couldn’t find a setlist of OK Go’s performance, but you can check out video clips of most of the band’s set by CLICKING HERE to check out a collection of Instagram videos that have been compiled.

CLICK HERE to check out other acts performing a Twilight Concert at the Santa Monica Pier!

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