The Tontons | The Mint | Red Bull Sound Select’s “30 Days In LA” | 11/12/14 [Review, Photos & Videos]

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THOUGHTS: I was excited to see The Tontons perform live. Based out of Houston, Texas, I had read a lot of good buzz about this band. Plus, how can you not at least be partially interested in a band that names itself after a creature in Star Wars? To be upfront about it, even though I had read some rave reviews about the band, I decided to hold off on listening to them until this performance. I was hoping that my virgin ears could hear what reviews had stated. Frankly speaking, though, their performance left me confused. Now, I’m not the kind of person who needs an artist to hold fast to a particular genre or musical styling, but I couldn’t tell what they, or their music, were about. I couldn’t tell you who THEY were. Thankfully, they handed out free copies of their latest album after their performance. When I played the CD, and listened to it from start to finish, I realized that their performance at The Mint really didn’t do them justice. Their album, “Make Out King and Other Stories” is a sultry and seductive alt rock record that I thoroughly enjoyed. None of that vibe, however, came across in their live performance at The Mint … but I’m stilling to give them another chance.



To Check Out Other Bands We Caught During Red Bull Sound Selects “30 Days In LA” CLICK HERE

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