Red Bull Sound Select’s “30 Days In L.A.” [Homepage]

Does Red Bull have the keys to the future of the music industry? Only time will tell, but their business model is one that I think may trend positive for the foreseeable future.

There’s no need to rehash was Red Bull is doing with their Sound Select initiative as it has already been written about, in depth, by Bob Lefsetz and Billboard … but I will say that any corporate entity aiming to attract the younger demographic may want to keep an eye on, and perhaps emulate, what Red Bull has been doing for the past two years.


Throughout the entire month of November, Red Bull is sponsoring, and showcasing, various artists on their roster with opening spots for certain headlining acts. I don’t know which shows I will be approved to cover, but those we are granted a photo pass for are/will be listed below. Though most of the shows/events are already sold out, you can CLICK HERE to check out shows that still have tickets available.

Nov. 2nd | The Roxy

Nov. 9th | The Mayan

Nov. 12th | The Mint

Nov. 13th | The Echoplex

Nov. 20th | Wiltern Theatre

Nov. 23rd | Park Plaza Hotel

  • Phosphorescent (Coming Soon)
  • Little Wings (Coming Soon)
  • Shy Girls

Nov. 29th | Mark Sennet Studios

  • Chet Faker (Waiting to hear if approved)
  • James Supercave (Waiting to hear if approved)
  • denitia and sene (Waiting to hear if approved)


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