Run The Jewels | Echoplex | Red Bull Sound Select’s “30 Days In LA” | 11/13/14 [Photos & Videos]

To Check Out Other Bands We Caught During Red Bull Sound Selects “30 Days In LA” CLICK HERE

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THOUGHTS: (Excerpted from the Full Length Concert Review that you can read by CLICKING HERE)

“[…] I’ve always respected what Killer Mike has meant to the rap game. My level of appreciation reached an all time high after watching him pour his heart out. I’ve always assumed it, but now I knew it. He lives what he preaches, and what he preaches what matters. It matters and it’s the truth.

It made me realize that what I witnessed on that stage at the Echoplex was something that audiences don’t often get to experience. Authenticity. Unadulterated verity. With more heart … more guts … than 90 percent of the garbage that’s out there on the radio.

Killer Mike’s collaboration with El-P is music that matters. Their latest release, RTJ2, is hard hitting and even more poignant today than it was it yesterday. Their song “Early” (a track about police brutality)? It couldn’t be more appropriate given the times.”



To Check Out Other Bands We Caught During Red Bull Sound Selects “30 Days In LA” CLICK HERE

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