PHOTOS: The Black Lips | Shaun White Presents AIR+STYLE | The Rose Bowl | 2/21/15

CLICK HERE to read our event review and to CHECK OUT links to the other acts that performed at AIR+STYLE!!!

THOUGHTS: The Black Lips played my favorite set of Saturday at Air+Style. It took me over a decade to catch their live-act, but it certainly lived up to their reputation for being a raucous garage rock/punk band. The raucous garage rock/punk attitude came to life from even before the music started with Jared Swilley taking the last puffs of his cigarette before flicking it to the ground. I  was expecting their crowd to be a little more animated (more bumping, less bobbing) but I suppose that’s enough reason for me to want to catch the at a club gig in the future. I want to be in the middle of the crowd rocking out to them.





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