PHOTOS: Cults | Shaun White Presents AIR+STYLE | The Rose Bowl | 2/22/15

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THOUGHTS: This was the third time we’ve had the chance to catch NYC indie pop band Cults, and the first time we didn’t have to deal with heavy purple lights! Hallelujah that we finally got some clean shots of Brian Oblivian! Somewhat appropriately, the band wooed the crowd with their mysterious experimental pop as the rain drizzled upon them. Madeline Follin seemed to be in peak form as her vocals sounded, at least to us, as good as it sounds on their albums. Brian Oblivion had to work doubly hard, however, as he both played his electronic equipment while at the same time keeping it being drenched in the rain.

SETLIST (Unconfirmed):

Cults | Air+Style | Rose Bowl | Setlist




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