Your Weekly Weekend Music Mix | 6/12/14 [NEWS]


She’s not even old enough to buy an alcoholic beverage yet, but 20 year old Ariana Grande gets my nod this week for Music’s Insta-Babe. This actress, singer-songwriter and philanthropist is wholesome beauty who’s artistic endeavors has already garnered her many awards: The People’s Choice Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year, The American Music Awards Best New Artist Award, NAARM- Music Business Association’s Breakthrough Artist of the Year Awards, and the list goes on. If her very capable vocals don’t impress you enough, maybe her demure and classic looks will win the award of your heart. If have an Instagram account, why don’t you follow her @ArianaGrande

KILLER COVER: Dirty Loops Cover Adele

Dirty Loops is a band from Stockholm, Sweden, consisting of Jonah Nilsson ( vocals and piano), Henrik Linder (bass) and Aaron Mellergårdh (drums) whose “Classic Jazz-Jam” style of play is otherworldly. They are currently touring the U.S. in support of their debut album. Their cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” blew my mind last year, and still does today. If you are into their style of music, you NEED to see them on tour.


Speaking of covers, did you George Harrison’s chart topping hit from 1987, “Got My Mind Set On You” was a cover?!?!?  I sure didn’t until Gizmodo let me know. George Harrison’s covered James Ray’s 1963 recording “I’ve Got My Mind Set On You”, and personally, I like the original more. Take a listen to both versions below, and chime in.


I wasn’t able to get tickets to either of Jack White’s concerts in Los Angeles, but God bless NPR (National Public Radio) because they taped the show at the Fonda Theatre and have it streaming on their website. If you were as unfortunate as I was, and aren’t able to score tickets to any of the shows he has coming up in the city you live in, CLICK THIS LINK TO WATCH JACK WHITE’S CONCERT AT THE FONDA THEATER IN ITS ENTIRETY!


It may have taken over 40 years to get there, but The Ramones’ debut album finally goes gold (sold 500,000 copies). About damn time, if you ask me.

There’s a Kickstarter campaign to win the auction for The Wu-Tang Clan’s latest album. For what you may ask? To destroy it. Kindly silly (and pointless) if you ask me.

Death Grips latest EP (below) “features” Bjork. I dunno … I think I heard her vocals in a few spots here and there. Can you? It’s like an auditory “Where’s Waldo”. LOL.

Chad Smith (drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Will Farrell challenged Lars Ulrich (drummer for Mettallica) to a drum-off challenge … and the battle was accepted!!! This should make for some hilarious television.

Most people aren’t aware that prior to becoming an acclaimed soul/funk singer, Sharon Jones worked as a corrections officer at Rikers Island back in the 90s. Rolling Stone Magazine asked her to weigh in on the authenticity of the new Netflix show “Orange Is The New Black”, and she had some interesting things to say. Personally, I thought this article was a great read.

A band outsmarted Spotify for $20,000 to give their fans free concerts. This was an awesome story. More power to them.


It was released less than a week ago (June 8, 2014), and as of 6/12/14, Snoop’s and PSY’s video for their collaboration, “Hangover”, already has over 47,000,000 views … 47,000,000 VIEWS, people!!!! Mind Blown. You can criticize the track as much as you want. Criticize K-Pop. Criticize Snoop. Criticize music, generally. Let’s just say, everyone behind this collaboration knew what was up. For better or for worse, this track isn’t going away anytime soon, and Snoop and Psy will reap the rewards (translation = $$$).

UPDATE: 6/13/14: The video now has over 52,000,000 views…

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings | The Wiltern | 3/25/14


Sharon Jones. My, my, my … that woman is a force of nature.

I’m a big fan of the classic R&B sound. There are a good number of male recording artists that I follow (i.e. Charles Bradley, Lee Fields, etc.), but there really is only one female R&B artist that really knocks it out of the park for me, and that’s Sharon Jones.

In June of 2013, when I heard that the release of her album “Give The People What They Want” was going to be delayed because she had been diagnosed with Stage II pancreatic cancer, my heart broke. Though I didn’t know her on a personal level, I can say that her fun and funky album “100 Days, 100 Nights” (released late 2007) helped relieve a lot of stress I was dealing with at the time. I mean, “Be Easy”, with the hook “Oh, just be easy, baby/ That girl will come a runnin’ to you/ If you just be easy, baby/ Ah, she’ll be easy too”, has 32 plays registered on my iTunes. Though “she” never came runnin’ to me, that song still stands out as a pretty particular part of my life.

When I had read that she beat the cancer that threatened her life, I was relieved. When I heard she was touring to support the album, I went out and bought a ticket.

After having the band warm the crowd up for 15-20 minutes, the indomitable Ms. Sharon Jones grooved onto the stage to the Dap-Kings big band sound, her head shaved and her face beaming. The crowd went wild. Clearly, everybody was as excited to see her grace the stage as I was.

It was my first time seeing her perform live, and it was every bit as funky, and soulful as her albums. If she had had it difficult recovering after her chemotherapy, you would have never guessed it. Her voice was as powerful as it was on her albums, and her stage presence was overwhelmingly energetic, even giving the audience a little lesson in dance history as she demonstrated every “old-school” dance in the book from The Jerk to The Twist. Towards the end of her set, she even allowed fans, who were lucky enough to score bracelets to the orchestra pit, a chance to dance on stage with her.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings gave it everything they got, and it truly blew mind. If you are lucky enough to see them perform live, I guarantee your mind will be blown too.

Setlist (From the OC Register)

  1. The Reason (instrumental)
  2. Mellomatic (instrumental)
  3. Wouldn’t You Rather (instrumental)
  4. Intro for Jones
  5. If You Call
  6. Without a Heart
  7. Give It Back
  8. Money
  9. When You Love Me
  10. Tell Me
  11. When I Come Home
  12. Let Them Knock
  13. Not Gonna Cry
  14. This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie Cover)
  15. Keep On Looking
  16. The Game Gets Old
  17. Mama Don’t Like My Man
  18. Still Be True
  19. Broken Hearted Man
  20. Window Shopping
  21. Better Things
  22. She Ain’t a Child No More
  23. I Learned the Hard Way


  1. Reach Out (instrumental)
  2. 100 Days, 100 Nights

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