Broken Bells | Coachella | 4/11/14 (PHOTOS)


Brian Burton p/k/a Danger Mouse caught my attention back in 2004 when he released “The Grey Album” which combined Jay-Z’s vocal performances from “The Black Album” with instrumentals from the Beatles’ “White Album”.  That project blew my mind, and I’ve been following his musical output since (Gnarles Barkley with Cee Lo Green, his work on the Gorrillaz album “Demon Days”, etc). James Mercer is the founder and lead singer-sonwriter of the indie rock group The Shins and I’m proud to say that I have most of their albums.

When they joined forces back in 2009 to form the side project Broken Bells, it immediately caught my attention. When they were announced as an act at Coachella, I made a point of it to circle it on my schedule as a band I couldn’t miss.

The set design was simple with Danger Mouse on one side of the stage and James Mercer on the other. I was relegated to the side of the stage James Mercer was on while taking pictures, so I couldn’t get a great shot of Danger Mouse. Behind them a video screen played simple designs becoming their musical tone. It was a great, soothing set, and if they ever tour Los Angeles in the future, I’d hope that they play a venue like the Hollywood Bowl or The Greek. Whatever the venue, however, I’ll be sure to buy myself a ticket.


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