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Broken Bells | Coachella | 4/11/14 (PHOTOS)

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT BLOG ENTRIES OF OTHER BANDS I SAW AT COACHELLA! Brian Burton p/k/a Danger Mouse caught my attention back in 2004 when he released “The Grey Album” which combined Jay-Z’s vocal performances from “The Black Album” with instrumentals from the Beatles’ “White Album”.  That project blew my mind, and I’ve been following his musical output since (Gnarles Barkley with Cee Lo Green, his … Read More Broken Bells | Coachella | 4/11/14 (PHOTOS)

A Year of Concerts: 2012, 24 Concerts, 1 Favorite

In 2012, I was blessed to have been able to attend 24 concerts.  This being the inaugural post of my blog, I thought it may be a good way to kick things off if I listed each of the concerts in the order that I enjoyed them (starting with the least favorite, and ending with my favorite), with a line or two of my … Read More A Year of Concerts: 2012, 24 Concerts, 1 Favorite