Fartbarf | Sunset Strip Music Festival | 9/20/14 [Photos]

To Check Out Other Acts that I Caught At The Sunset Strip Music Festival, CLICK HERE! THE ACT: Fartbarf | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram SOUNDS LIKE:  THOUGHTS: When I picked up my pass for the festival, I bumped into an old friend. I asked him if there were any bands I should check out. He suggested Fartbarf … what?!?! LOL.Continue reading “Fartbarf | Sunset Strip Music Festival | 9/20/14 [Photos]”

The Men | First City Festival | 8/24/14 [PHOTOS]

To Check Out Other Acts that I Caught At First City Festival, CLICK HERE. THE ACT: The Men | Website | Record Label INSTAGRAM VIDEOS: CLICK HERE SOUNDS LIKE:  THOUGHTS: Though I wasn’t able to stick around for their entire set, I was able to get a sense of what The Men were all about. Mixing elements of punk, psychadelic andContinue reading “The Men | First City Festival | 8/24/14 [PHOTOS]”

FEA | AMPLYFi | 6/13/14 [PICS & VID]

FEA (pronounced FAY-ah)  is the feminine form of the Spanish word for “ugly”. It’s also the name of a Riot Grrrl, side project of some bad ass rockers from Texas. Back in 2012, I discovered the music of a band from Texas named Girl In A Coma. It was love first listen. The trio consisting of Jenn AlvaContinue reading “FEA | AMPLYFi | 6/13/14 [PICS & VID]”

The Damned | Ink-N-Iron |6/7/14 [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

 CLICK HERE TO SEE OTHER ACTS I WAS ABLE TO CATCH AT INK-N-IRON Formed the year I was born, 1976, The Damned are a rock band from London, England. I was particularly interested in checking out there set as they are known to be one of the forerunners of the “gothic” music genre: a musicContinue reading “The Damned | Ink-N-Iron |6/7/14 [PHOTOS & VIDEO]”

Fear | Ink-N-Iron |6/7/14 [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

 CLICK HERE TO SEE OTHER ACTS I WAS ABLE TO CATCH AT INK-N-IRON California hardcore punk took shape in the late 70s and early 80s. Heavier and more abrasive than regular punk rock, bands like Black Flag, the Circle Jerks and Fear were the seminal bands that helped paved the way that particular sound and style. Fear’s music andContinue reading “Fear | Ink-N-Iron |6/7/14 [PHOTOS & VIDEO]”

The Briefs | Ink-N-Iron |6/7/14 [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

 CLICK HERE TO SEE OTHER ACTS I WAS ABLE TO CATCH AT INK-N-IRON The Briefs are a punk rock band from Seattle, Washington. Critics have described their  brand of punk rock as a throwback to 70’s British punk and early 80’s L.A. bands. However you may want to classify them, their music rocks. I triedContinue reading “The Briefs | Ink-N-Iron |6/7/14 [PHOTOS & VIDEO]”

Fishbone | Coachella | 4/13/14 (PHOTOS)

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT BLOG ENTRIES OF OTHER BANDS I SAW AT COACHELLA! After sleeping in to get get some much needed rest after two grueling days of “festivaling”, the first band I went to go see at Coachella on Sunday was Fishbone. Having recently seen Angelo Moore perform as Dr. Madd Vibe at the Troubadour,Continue reading “Fishbone | Coachella | 4/13/14 (PHOTOS)”

Rachel Goodrich & The Grrrls| Hotel Cafe | 2/28/14

After The Record Company wrapped up their set, they told the crowd to hang out to catch their friend Rachel Goodrich play a set. I hadn’t intended on hanging out, but I decided I’d google her to see what she was all about before deciding whether to leave or not. Allmusic.com described her style as follows: “Miami Beach-based singer/songwriter Rachel Goodrich‘sContinue reading “Rachel Goodrich & The Grrrls| Hotel Cafe | 2/28/14”

Bass Drum of Death | El Rey Theatre | 10/25/13

I follow Thundercat on twitter, and I noticed a tweet he posted earlier this year stating that the guys in Bass Drum of Death were cool dudes. That piqued my curiosity. Them opening for Hanni El Khatib? I was excited to hear what they were all about. Their set was as aggressive and as loud as theirContinue reading “Bass Drum of Death | El Rey Theatre | 10/25/13”

No Age | FYF Festival | August 25, 2013

To check out pictures of other bands I was able to catch at the festival, CLICK HERE. No Age is a two-person, lo-fi punk band based in Los Angeles. They performed earlier in the summer as part of Santa Monica Pier’s Twilight Concert series, but I wasn’t able to attend the free concert, so I figured I swingContinue reading “No Age | FYF Festival | August 25, 2013”