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Bad Religion | Mayan Theater | Red Bull Sound Select’s “30 Days In LA” | 11/9/14 [Review, Photos, Setlist & Videos]

To Check Out Other Bands We Caught During Red Bull Sound Selects “30 Days In LA” CLICK HERE THE ACT: Bad Religion | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram SOUNDS LIKE:  THOUGHTS: (Excerpted from M. Sloves full article which you can read by clicking HERE) “[…] Bad Religion religion finally took the stage and started just as you’d expect them to: minimal bullshit, maximum intensity. At 50 these guys still look like freaking … Read More Bad Religion | Mayan Theater | Red Bull Sound Select’s “30 Days In LA” | 11/9/14 [Review, Photos, Setlist & Videos]

Fear | Ink-N-Iron |6/7/14 [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

 CLICK HERE TO SEE OTHER ACTS I WAS ABLE TO CATCH AT INK-N-IRON California hardcore punk took shape in the late 70s and early 80s. Heavier and more abrasive than regular punk rock, bands like Black Flag, the Circle Jerks and Fear were the seminal bands that helped paved the way that particular sound and style. Fear’s music and live show is known to be aggressive and confrontational . … Read More Fear | Ink-N-Iron |6/7/14 [PHOTOS & VIDEO]


The Replacements | Coachella | 4/11/14 (PHOTOS)

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT BLOG ENTRIES OF OTHER BANDS I SAW AT COACHELLA! When one of the most influential rock & roll bands of the 80’s decides to play at Coachella, you go. Period. Though their set may not have been filled with the booze and testosterone that I’ve read about, heard or watched (click HERE or HERE for examples of what I’m talking about), their set demonstrated their legacy in … Read More The Replacements | Coachella | 4/11/14 (PHOTOS)

The Locust | FYF Festival | August 24, 2013

To check out pictures of other bands I was able to catch at the festival, CLICK HERE. Leaving Devendra Banhart‘s set a little early to grab a beer, I walked by the smallest stage of the festival and stumbled upon a group named The Locust. Playing amongst the trees of the state park venue, and wearing eerie, alien like, body suits, this band was shredding their set. … Read More The Locust | FYF Festival | August 24, 2013