Metronomy | The Fonda Theatre | 6/17/14 [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

When it comes to buying music, I’m old school. I like to sift through racks of CDs or vinyl records to discover music. As a vinyl collector/lover, I often find myself spending hours at local record stores looking for new albums to add to my collection. One Saturday, I was over at Origami Vinyl to purchase concertContinue reading “Metronomy | The Fonda Theatre | 6/17/14 [PHOTOS & VIDEO]”

The Damned | Ink-N-Iron |6/7/14 [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

 CLICK HERE TO SEE OTHER ACTS I WAS ABLE TO CATCH AT INK-N-IRON Formed the year I was born, 1976, The Damned are a rock band from London, England. I was particularly interested in checking out there set as they are known to be one of the forerunners of the “gothic” music genre: a musicContinue reading “The Damned | Ink-N-Iron |6/7/14 [PHOTOS & VIDEO]”

Pet Shop Boys | Coachella | 4/12/14 (PHOTOS)

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT BLOG ENTRIES OF OTHER BANDS I SAW AT COACHELLA! I didn’t get approved to take pictures of Muse’s set, so I decided to check out the Pet Shop Boys before deciding whether to try catching Nas. By the time the Pet Shop Boys’ set started, the speed of the winds hadContinue reading “Pet Shop Boys | Coachella | 4/12/14 (PHOTOS)”

Laura Mvula | Coachella | 4/12/14 (PHOTOS)

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT BLOG ENTRIES OF OTHER BANDS I SAW AT COACHELLA! There aren’t many recording artists that’ll get me up early on a Saturday morning the weekend of Coachella … but Laura Mvula is definitely one of them. This Coachella performance marks the 3 time I’ve seen in this phenomenal singer/musician from theContinue reading “Laura Mvula | Coachella | 4/12/14 (PHOTOS)”

Forest Swords | The Roxy | 3/18/14

Opening for How To Dress Well at the Roxy was a music producer from Liverpool, England named Matthew Barnes, know by his stage name, Forest Swords. I hadn’t put two and two together before, but as it turns out he produced How To Dress Well’s 2012 single “Cold Nites”. In digging up a little historyContinue reading “Forest Swords | The Roxy | 3/18/14”

Scars on 45 | Hotel Cafe | 2/28/14 (Photos)

Scars on 45, a band from England, happened to be playing an early set at the Hotel Cafe when I went there to catch another band play. I hadn’t heard of them before, but for an early 8pm set, they definitely had the room packed with their fans. Currently signed to o Atlantic Records’ Chop Shop Records label, ScarsContinue reading “Scars on 45 | Hotel Cafe | 2/28/14 (Photos)”

Morning Parade | El Rey Theatre | 2/14/14

Opening for Biffy Clyro at the El Rey was Morning Parade, a five-piece, alternative rock band from Harlow, Essex. I hadn’t heard of the band before, so my opinion of them is based solely on their performance that evening. They were good. But for a band from overseas trying to leave its mark on aContinue reading “Morning Parade | El Rey Theatre | 2/14/14”

Laura Mvula | “That’s Alright” (Video and Lyrics)

2013 may very well be a GREAT year for new female vocalists.  I’ve already been smitten by Nai Palm, the lead singer of Hiatus Kaiyote … and now Laura Mvula is looking to squeeze her way into my heart as well. My interest in Laura Mvula had already been stirring and I’ve posted short blog entries about herContinue reading “Laura Mvula | “That’s Alright” (Video and Lyrics)”

Passenger ‘I Hate’ Live from The Borderline, London (Short Version)

I really enjoyed listening to the lyrics of this tune. It’s seems that I hate all of the things that Passenger (Mike Rosenberg) hates as well.