REVIEW: Martin Sexton | El Rey Theatre | 3/13/15

The first time I heard of Martin Sexton, it was in college circa 1998. A member of my vocal group had arranged an acappella cover of his song “Love Keep Us Together.” It was a beautiful arrangement, and I loved singing the background tenor 2 part every time our music director called it.

REVIEW: Galactic & Kung Fu | El Rey Theatre | 3/5/15

Galactic brought their raucous brand of New Orleans funk to the El Rey Theatre and we had a friend of the blog, Alex B., review it while D. Lee snapped some pics.

PHOTOS & VIDEO: Galactic | El Rey Theatre | 3/5/15

Make sure you CLICK HERE to read our Concert Review of the Performance!!!

Goapele | El Rey Theater | 11/18/14 [Review, Photos and Video]

Goapele: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Earlier this year, I got a call from management to negotiate a side artist agreement for a track Snoop was to be featured on. When I asked who the featured verse was for, management indicated that it was a female R&B singer named Goapele. Goapele … that name sounded so familiar to me. IContinue reading “Goapele | El Rey Theater | 11/18/14 [Review, Photos and Video]”

Josiah Bell | El Rey Theater | 11/18/14 [Review, Photos and Video]

To Check Out Other Bands We Caught During Red Bull Sound Selects “30 Days In LA” CLICK HERE THE ACT: Josiah Bell | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram THOUGHTS: (Excerpted from the Full Length Concert Review that you can read by CLICKING HERE) “[…] Josiah is a solid singer whose vocal range, and timbre, reminded me of Brian McKnight. His music is pureContinue reading “Josiah Bell | El Rey Theater | 11/18/14 [Review, Photos and Video]”

The Strypes | El Rey Theatre | 3/31/14

I don’t know what they are feeding their kids across the pond, but I would suggest that we bring whatever they have over there and start feeding it to our kids in the States. It was a last minute decision, but having missed out on seeing Jake Bugg perform at The Wiltern, I decided that I wouldn’t missContinue reading “The Strypes | El Rey Theatre | 3/31/14”

Typhoon | El Rey Theatre | 3/6/14

There’s so much music out in the world today, it gets a bit hard, even with Spotify, or other similar streaming services, to find music that really speaks to you. I’ve always believed in the notion that the music finds you, and sometimes when it finds you, it leaves a lasting impression that can stickContinue reading “Typhoon | El Rey Theatre | 3/6/14”

Miner | El Rey Theatre | 3/6/14

Excited that Typhoon’s management gave me permission to bring a DSLR camera into the El Rey to snap pics of the gig, I got to the venue early enough to stake out some territory and to play around with the settings of my new camera. While fiddling with my new  toy, a Silver Lake basedContinue reading “Miner | El Rey Theatre | 3/6/14”