Pharrell Williams | Coachella | 4/12/14 (PHOTOS)


Everybody loves Pharrell, myself included. My passion for his music all started with his work in N.E.R.D. “In Search Of…”, released in 2001, was on of the dopest albums I had heard in a long while. I even brushed off my yellow, N.E.R.D. mesh cap from back in the day to wear the day of the festival. I dunno, maybe I thought I could get Pharrell’s attention or something. Total fanboy move. I’m 37. SMDH. LOL.

His set week one was RIDICULOUS. I anticipated it to be a spectacle, but I had no idea of all of the star power that he would be bringing up to the stage. I work for Doggy Style Records, and even I didn’t know that Snoop would be showing up! Now, that’s how you keep a secret! Nelly, Snoop, Busta Rhymes, Puff Daddy and Gwen Stefani, all joined Pharrell on stage to perform the songs he produced, cowrote or simply collaborated on. Simply ridiculous. Oh how I wish that I could have been able to stay in the photo pit for his entire set…

If there was an award to be given out for best show that Saturday, I think Pharrell would have taken the belt. To make the set even better for me, personally, I think I took my favorite shot of the festival (even though I still have to carefully look through my shots from Sunday) during his set, which is the featured pic at the top. In front of tens of thousands of fans, I think I was able to capture the look of serenity on the face of an artist who is truly at home, on stage, performing for his fans.


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