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Your Weekly Weekend Music Mix | 8/22/14 [MUSIC NEWS]

KILLER COVER: TORI AMOS COVERING THE CURE Tori Amos covering “Picture of You”. I would totally buy a cover album by Tori Amos. I want a studio recording of this song. So bad. Spine tingles.   FAVORITE INSTAGRAM POST OF THE WEEK From fellow concert photograph @GetTiny‘s Instagram feed, a #TBT to when Action Bronson at a chicken wing during a performance in Brooklyn. So awesome. … Read More Your Weekly Weekend Music Mix | 8/22/14 [MUSIC NEWS]

Happy Bday, DJ Quik!

This is one of my favorite DJ Quik singles. Quik can write and spit lyrics with the best of them. He’s also a bad-ass producer. Here are the lyrics to my favorite verse of DJ Quik’s “You’z A Ganxta”: See some don’t realize the power of lyrics ’cause when you rap about death you talkin’ to spirits You see you can say the things … Read More Happy Bday, DJ Quik!