PINS | Culture Collide | World Stage | 10/18/14 [Review, Vids & Photos]

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THOUGHTS  [Written by Kate M.]:

I love this band for their total sound and style.  This UK band is what the Go Gos circa 2014 would sound like if they went dark Indie Rock, or, if they stayed Punk circa 1978.  Pins’ lead vocalist even has a vocal tone or quality that reminds me a little of Belinda Carlyle, but she’s not Belinda, xo Belinda!   Pins is the combined musical talents of Faith, Anna, Lois and Sophie from Manchester, UK and their music is unapologetic, tough yet feminine, and natural compared to their Electronic and Pop peers.   By that I mean, the Pins’ sound includes effortless dark chanting and rock rhythms of unfinished or unconcluded emotions, unmistakably heard in their beats, guitar riffs and even in their vocal harmonies  – it’s a dope sound.   To me, this is a distinct sound and musical road than the more polished emotions and lyrics usually heard more in the Electronic and Pop genres.  The Pins’ lyrics are about relationships, feelings and love, tough and dark but with exposure, flaws and soul searching, like any good female rock band.  I am always looking for a good female rock band and the only other one I’ve heard live lately is Deap Vally (no “e”), two female rockers who shred.  Deap Vally is a stronger more pure rock sound, but I use the comparison to emphasize, there aren’t many bands that can claim girl rockers out there right now.   Pins’ vocals don’t have the muscular sound of classic female rockers, but I am excited about their sound.  They recently played the CMJ Music Marathon and they are playing (sold out) shows in the UK in the coming months and I know why.



To Check Out Other Bands We Caught At Culture Collide CLICK HERE

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