Your Weekly Weekend Music Mix | 8/15/14 [MUSIC NEWS]

KILLER COVER: KIDS COVERING TOOL’S “46 AND 2” I only wish that I had a chance to play in a band like this when I was a kid. Kudos to these little ones killing some Tool. Maynard would be proud.   MUSIC INSTA-BABE: AVRIL LAVIGNE I may not be a fan of her recent music, andContinue reading “Your Weekly Weekend Music Mix | 8/15/14 [MUSIC NEWS]”

Toddchella | Part II | The Record Company

Continued from Toddchella | Part I | Tijuana Tears I had noticed people behind me dancing with little LCD light bracelets, and I asked around to see where they got them. I was informed that a photography company named Harmonic Light was taking psychedelic pictures for the party, so I head into the nearby room (withContinue reading “Toddchella | Part II | The Record Company”