The Record Company | Echo Park Rising | 8/17/14

To Check Out Other Acts that I Caught At Echo Park Rising, CLICK HERE. THE ACT: The Record Company | Facebook | Twitter | Website SOUNDS LIKE: THOUGHTS: The Record Company. Seeing them perform at Echo Park Rising marks the 5th time I’ve seen them live the past year and a half. Needless to say, I’m a fan of their sound. YouContinue reading “The Record Company | Echo Park Rising | 8/17/14”

The Record Company | Hotel Cafe | 2/28/14

  Considering that this was the 4th time I’ve seen The Record Company perform live in the past year, I don’t think I need to restate all of the reasons why I dig their music. If you haven’t been following this blog, feel free to check out my previous blog entries HERE, HERE and HERE. I will, however,Continue reading “The Record Company | Hotel Cafe | 2/28/14”

The Record Company | The Satellite | 11/15/13

This year, I’ve been particularly lucky to get introduced to the music of a lot of new bands/recording artists that piqued my ears. The Record Company is one of them. I  first heard their music and saw them perform live at one of the best house parties I’ve ever been too, and was subsequently ableContinue reading “The Record Company | The Satellite | 11/15/13”

Toddchella | Part II | The Record Company

Continued from Toddchella | Part I | Tijuana Tears I had noticed people behind me dancing with little LCD light bracelets, and I asked around to see where they got them. I was informed that a photography company named Harmonic Light was taking psychedelic pictures for the party, so I head into the nearby room (withContinue reading “Toddchella | Part II | The Record Company”