Eric Hutchinson | House Of Blues (Sunset) | 4/29/14

  Eric Hutchinson is an American, singer-songwriter whose folksy, tenor voice; witty, lyrical writing; and humorous onstage banter always entertains me. I may be a bit biased though (full disclosure) as one of the first albums I really took the legal, paperwork reigns on was his breakthrough independent album “Sounds Like This” … that, and I consistentlyContinue reading “Eric Hutchinson | House Of Blues (Sunset) | 4/29/14”

Social Distortion at the House of Blues (Sunset) 01/26/13

Social Distortion sold out over 25 shows for a residency of various Southwest House of Blues (“HOB”) venues.  Their shows at the HOB Sunset location sold out almost a quickly as they went on sale.  I remember when those tickets went on sale … and I remember when I called in to find out thatContinue reading “Social Distortion at the House of Blues (Sunset) 01/26/13”