Alphabetics | Culture Collide | Main Stage | 10/18/14 [Review, Vids & Photos]

To Check Out Other Bands We Caught At Culture Collide CLICK HERE THE ACT: Alphabetics | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram SOUNDS LIKE:  THOUGHTS: This was one of my favorite live performances of the day. This band from Costa Rica’s metal tinged, alternative rock was a lot of fun. What made it more fun was their stage presence. The bassist andContinue reading “Alphabetics | Culture Collide | Main Stage | 10/18/14 [Review, Vids & Photos]”

Culture Collide 2014 | October 16-18 [Homepage]

If you are music lover living in Los Angeles, and you failed to take advantage of the musical offerings from all around the world at Culture Collide for $30, shame on you.   Now in its fifth year, Culture Collide took over the Echo Park area of Sunset Boulevard with a diverse plethora of bandsContinue reading “Culture Collide 2014 | October 16-18 [Homepage]”